Cry baby GCB-95 Keeley modded mello wah

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킬리모디 와우!!


Check out the new Wah prices, folks! Now you can get either our famous Crybaby Mello Wah or the new Vox V847-A Mello Wah for $269!! 

Plus, for those of you that don't need all the "bells and whistles" we're now offering new wahs with just the true-bypass option; $149 for a Crybaby and $169 for a Vox!

The NEW Vox wahs (V847-A) are ready for sale! The mod works great on them and we have them in stock. 

The Crybaby is still our most popular wah pedal.

MINIMAL MODS and PRICING - Because of the time to get into a pedal like a wah and the cost of shipping, even if you ask for a mod that is say only $45, the Minimum Charge is going to $70 to cover parts, labor, and shipping. Call us if you have any questions about how to pay.

Howdy folks! Let me take this opportunity just to remind you of how much tone is lost when you use a stock wah pedal that is not true bypassed. When the unit is off, the instrument's signal is still routed through circuits--even when it's OFF!!! And this is weakening your ultimate output. Not very good for tone!!! 

So, we have numerous things we can do to ensure that you get the same tone coming out as when heading in. Don't let one of the coolest pedals in the world steal tone away from your guitar and amplifier's magic. 

But on top of true bypass, we also offer a number of unique, functional, and tone-full options. How about an LED to let you know when your wah is ON, or volume trimmers to tailor your overall wah output, or new Fasel inductors giving you even more control of your sound, or battery-ridding power options..., or the option to toggle inductors.... or all of these modifications done at once??? No wah pedal has ever offered this option! Look to Keeley to be a leader in wah pedals.

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