Durham Electronics Zia Drive

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Durham Electronics Zia Drive

The Durham Electronics Zia Drive is designed to give low compression overdrive perfect for the rhythm player.  The Zia Drive makes a 6l6 amp sound like EL84’s.  Tight and chimey, the Durham Electronics Zia Drive will take away the sag and add some low end shine to an EL-34 based amp.  Durham Electronics, like all their pedals, chose to skip on the true bypass switch and opted for a high quality buffer.  That way the guitar’s signal stays clean and there is no annoying pop when switching the effect on and off.

Durham Zia Drive Tone

The Durham Electronics Zia Drive is smooth and sweet.  The Tone control preserves the low end of your guitar no matter where it’s set.  No more tinny highs and zapped lows.  As a clean boost, the Durham Zia Drive is sweet and transparent with a sparkle that is unmatched.  The overdrive is clear and singing with a bluesy touch that will bring back memories of early ‘70s Stones.  The Durham Zia Drive was designed primarily for rhythm players but when used to boost the front end of your amp, the Durham Electronics Zia Drive can send your guitar over the top with screaming clarity.

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