T1M The Pearl Overdrive

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The Pearl combines the T1M Touch Drive and the Punch Drive in one convenient enclosure.  The Pearl is the go to overdrive pedal for the Christian market, but don't think it doesn't cross platforms...this combo drive pedal works well in any genre seeking a raw punchy drive. 
  Top row looking down is Volume Gain, Volume Drive second row is shine, FB (presence) and tone shine will ADD high end to the touch drive. i run this pretty low (9 oclock ish) and use Humbuckers primarily. some people like it HIGH and i don’t get that, but again, each person has their own ears. start with it lower (or off) and move it up the FB (feedback) control will give more presence to your signal. you will hear notes ‘bloom’ more and at settings higher than 12 can achieve more harmonic content. stacked you’ll hear it start to feedback. literally. watch yourself.  Tone on the punch side is self explanatory. 12 is neutral, < darkens > brightens the toggle in the middle is a flip flop order reverse toggle for the two sides. LED on means they are backward (punch last in chain) LED off means it is in stock config.  The clipping toggles are three way, outside (away from each other) is symmetrical clipping.

On the LEFT side is the Touch Drive, low to medium gain overdrive, giving you crisp and dynamic tones. Touch Drive knobs:

top left- VOLUME. top right- GAIN. bottom- SHINE

On the RIGHT side is the Punch Drive, medium to high gain overdrive, even reaching fuzz. Punch Drive knobs:

top left- VOLUME. top right- GAIN. bottom left- PRESENCE. bottom right- TONE

The toggles are for different clipping options, they help The Pearl work better with different style amps. Stock clipping is both toggles pointed inwards (towards each other). In the middle position it is a 'lifted' clipping, this generally results in a LOUDER signal, on the touch side it can become a clean boost, the punch drive side becomes an unstable fuzz. Point the toggles outwards and you will have symmetrical clipping on that particular side of the pearl. Mixing and matching will have more of a difference when stacked than by themselves, but mess around with various toggle settings to hone in on your own personal flavor.

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