Gibson Standard Wine Red 2015 100th Anniversary

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화려한 스펙! 신품급 깁슨 100주년 기념모델

깁슨 100년을 기념한 스탠다드모델로

스페셜 Les Paul 헤드로고와 G-Force 자동튜너, 제로프렛넛(Coppder, Titanium), 티타늄새들의  튠오매틱 브릿지등

차별화된 스펙과 사운드까지.. 

신품급의 상태이며 티타늄 너트 포함!

New and Improved in 2015

Zero Fret Adjustable Nut (patent applied for): Added action adjustment.

Upgraded Tune–o–matic bridge with titanium saddles: Ease of height adjustment and sustain.

Wider neck and fingerboard: Increased playing area with same string spacing.

Comprehensive wood selection and grading: Rarest and finest materials for best instruments.

Thicker Rosewood Fingerboard: Increased mass for sustain.

Pearl Inlays: Uniquely beautiful appearance.

Smoother sanded, buffed and oiled fingerboard: Improved playability and feel.

Comprehensive Setup (Lower Frets, Improved Plek, Intonation): Silky smooth action and bending, improved intonation.

Improved contact output jack: Secure contact and uninterrupted signal.

More robust cables: Stronger signal strength.

Removable Pickguard: Choice with no holes in body.

Les Paul 100th birthday signature: Honoring a genius with a facsimile of his actual signature taken from a pickguard autographed by Les.

Les Paul Hologram: Authenticity and tribute.

New & Improved Hardshell Case: Improved protection (up to 15 foot drop), sleek, ergonomic, made in USA.

Top Wood Species: MaplePieces: 2Grade: AABinding: Cream

Back Wood Species: MahoganyPieces: 2Density: Ultra LowBinding: None

Weight Relief: ModernAverage Weight (body only): 2.49 kg / 5.5 lbs

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